Plants for free – The Potting Shed

Video : Fiona MacDonald explains how to care for indoor plants

Horticulture student Fiona MacDonald will be attending Dyce Gala Day – giving demonstrations on how to get free plants – from your existing house plants.

Fiona has recently started up The Potting Shed after spotting a gap in the botanical market, selling a wide variety of succulent plants, house plants, cacti and terrariums.

Not impressed with what the big garden centres had on offer, setting up on her own seemed like the perfect thing to do.

She said: “I’m trying to get the house plant back into peoples homes.

“Botanics are very trendy at the moment, especially the hard to kill cactus.”

Fiona will be on hand to answer any queries you may have with regards to care and maintenance – ensuring that they live a “long and happy life”.

She is an strong advocate of conversing with plants and even sings to hers sometimes:

“I don’t talk to them necessarily, but I’ll look at them whenever I pass-by and see how they’re doing.

“Observation is the key, indoor plants are much trickier than outside. It’s often a case of getting the right plant for the right place.”


The Potting Shed will be at Dyce Gala Day – 25 June, Stonehaven Farmer’s Market – 2 July and exhibiting at the Dundee Food and Flower Festival 2-4 September.

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