Rewind : Big Country

Jamie and Bruce Watson – Rewind Scotland 2016


Scottish band Big Country proved they can still energize a crowd recently –  ahead of a 30th Anniversary tour of album ‘The Seer’.

Original band members Bruce Watson and Mark Brzezicki spoke exclusively to Dyce News after their Rewind Scotland performance – about nostalgia and keeping the spirit of late vocalist Stuart Adamson alive…

Mark said: “Stuart always said, if the spirit goes out of the music, then it’s time to stop.

“Musically when we play, I feel as fresh as the day I started.”

The band have been joined by Bruce’s son Jamie Watson, Mark said:

“Jamie’s been great. After losing Stuart, we lost that dual guitar sound that is unique to Big Country, so we have had to re-jig it. Jamie has provided that big time and has really come to the table.”

Bruce jokes that he is  “cheap” labour:

“He’s cheap and available. Jamie has played guitar ever since he was born.”

Simon Hough on vocals

Vocalist Simon Hough has recently joined the line-up and has a very strong echo of original singer Adamson’s sound.

Mark said: “Simon is brilliant, he has a similar temperament to his voice, but it wasn’t planned.

“Stuart was writing all the lyrics and he tailored them to his vocal style. Simon has had to learn all that.”

Rewind Scotland was the first of three UK Rewind festivals also being held this year and the only one to host Big Country.

Bands come together to perform the ultimate 80’s playlist, Bruce said:

“It’s like a school reunion here today. The Lotus Eaters supported us on The Crossing tour, I was like – bloody hell, I haven’t seen them for thirty years!”

Big Country soon embark on a 30th Anniversary tour of their ‘Seer’ album which will be performed in it’s entirety and are playing Aberdeen, Bruce said:

“The Lemon Tree is always part of the gig circuit for us.”

Big Country are at The Lemon Tree – 1 October – click here for tickets.

Read the full interview here.


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