Aberdeen open fencing competition

The Aberdeen open fencing competition took place at the Sports Village this weekend, with six weapons over two days.

Results as follows (name, club, location):

Men’s foil;
1st. Keith Cook, Salle Hollyrood, Edinburgh
2nd. Charlie Broughton, Salle Hollyrood, Edinburgh
3rd. Jonathan Woolard, Wallace, Linlithgow and Shaun Alderman, Salle Hollyrood, Edinburgh
Aberdeen fencers placed, Neil Tannock 7th, Keith Yardley 14th. Total fencers 14 in men’s foil.

Women’s foil;
1st. Chloe Dickson, Edinburgh Fencing Club, Edinburgh
2nd. Marianna Lanza, University of St. Andrews.
3rd. Sarah Keith, Aberdeen City Fencing Club and Michelle Guarino, Aberdeen City Fencing Club
Other Aberdeen fencers placed, Taylor Manson 5th, Lorna Scott 8th. Total 8 Fencers
Men’s Sabre;
1st. Andrew Williamson, Edinburgh Fencing Club
2nd. Ethan Llewellyn, Salle Ossian, Perth
3rd. Antony Shek, Salle Ossian, Perth and Toby Carter, Salle Ossian, Perth
Aberdeen fencers placed, Chris Hyde 7th, Rory High 10th, Matthew Hyde 11th, (all fencing for Aberdeen City Fencing Club) and James Dickie 13th, (fencing for Aberdeen University FC).
Total fencers numbered 13.
Women’s Sabre;
1st. Kate Daykin, Salle Ossian, Perth
2nd. Sarah-Jane Hampson, Salle Ossain, Perth
3rd. Chloe Dickson, Edinburgh FC, and Michelle Guarino, Aberdeen City FC
Other Abz fencers, Sarah Keith7th, total fencers 8.
Men’s épée;
1st. Jonathan Woolard, Wallace, Linlithgow
2nd. Neil Tannock, Aberdeen City FC
3rd. Dylan Morrison, Edinburgh FC and Alastair Johnston, Salle Hollyrood, Edinburgh
Other Abz fencers, Robert Davidson 5th, John Reville 9th, Struan Davidson 15th and Alexander Hutchison 16th. Total fencers 18.
Women’s Épée;
1st. Katie Knowles, Aberdeen City FC
2nd. Michelle Guarino, Aberdeen City FC
3rd. Isabella McQuaker-Kajiwara, Scottish Saltires MPC (modern pentathlon club), Aberdeen and Alex Wren, Strathclyde University, Glasgow
Other Abz fencers, Taylor Manson 6th, total fencers 6
All Aberdeen fencers are members of Aberdeen City Fencing Club (ACFC).
Overall top team went to ACFC who won the Mike Rollinson Memorial Shield.

If you would like to find out more about fencing, please contact ACFC secretary Robert Davidson on 07749 893063

ACFC meet at the International School on  Monday and Wednesday evenings and are happy to take in new members, age 8+

All photos courtesy of Jeff Lee.

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