On the road to Hell (fest) – Ray Brower

Ray Brower
Ray Brower : Jon Park (Bass) Kevin Green (Guitar) Gordon Willson (Drums) Ray Lawrence (Vocals)

Aberdeen metal band Ray Brower are now hell-bent on making the 2,000 round trip to France this weekend after winning a place on stage at – metal mecca – Hellfest.

Regarded as Europe’s premier extreme music festival, Hellfest  is expecting a sell-out crowd of 150,000 at the Clisson venue with headliners – Black Sabbath –  Rammstein – Megadeth and Slayer.

The band’s bass player and Dyce resident, Jon Park submitted “just a phone video” as entry for the competition, he said: “I’d had one too many glasses of wine and just thought I’d go for it.

“I can’t remember which video I sent, but it was just off a phone. I didn’t really expect anything to come of it.”

RB hellfest

Amazingly the band’s entry was successful along with eight other bands and secures their place at the ‘Metal Corner’ stage on Saturday night.

It also means they get put to a public vote and could win a place on the Main Stage next year.

Click here to get voting instructions

Not expecting to win, two band members had to fast-track new passports, both of which have now been secured.

Originally forming in 2011, it wasn’t until in 2013 and a chance encounter, that Jon joined the ranks as bassist.

Jon said: “They weren’t really auditioning, but Ray was chatting with my Aunt one night and she passed on my number, just on the off-chance. The other three all went to school together.”

The name ‘Ray Brower’ is a character from Stephen King’s novella ‘The Body’ – which was later made into the film ‘Stand By Me’ – Ray Brower is the missing school boy and the body that is  found by four school friends.

Quite apt then that ‘Stand By Me’ is a story of how one event can unexpectedly change lives…

To help Ray Brower get on the Main Stage next year  – voting instructions are here.

The bands next Aberdeen gig will be at The Tunnels – July 9 – as part of the all-day ‘Wake the Deen’ Punk v Metal event. Tickets can be obtained here