Rewind : Midge Ure

midge ure
Midge Ure – Rewind Scotland 2016

By Joanne Warnock

It is possibly the most famous number two hit of the 1980s, but Midge Ure has stated he bears no grudge against Joe Dolce after being kept from reaching number one in 1981.

Ultravox’s ‘Vienna‘ was kept from the top-slot for three weeks in 1981 after ‘shaddup you face’ by Joe Dolce Music Theatre retained the number one place.

The iconic Ultravox single was released despite misgivings from record company Chrysalis who thought the song was too long.

Denying any burning resentment, Midge said: “You’ve got to remember that we were number two!

“In hindsight, it wasn’t a good layout for a single. It was too long, then too slow and it sped up in the middle.

“The record company refused to put it out and wanted to edit down the length, but we refused.”

The single was accompanied by a slick, art-house type video which the band pushed to get produced. Reluctance, again, from their record company to even make a video at all, meant the band self-funded the entire filming.

Midge said: “We took out a £100,000 bank loan to make the video, we paid for it all ourselves, that was how Ultravox was.”

“Shooting the video in film, with the screen cropped top and bottom giving a cinema-scope feel.”

“All that stuff that everybody has since copied…did I just say that?!”

Midge Ure is coming to The Lemon Tree on 6 November – click here for tickets

Joe Dolce is now a poet and lives in Australia.