The Formartine and Buchan Way

By Joanne Warnock

If your’e looking for an easy walk in Dyce, then where better than the old railway line?

The Formartine and Buchan Way (‘The track’ as it’s locally referred to) starts at Dyce train station and travels out past Newmachar all the way to either Peterhead or Fraserburgh.

The Parkhill stretch is currently diverted due to the AWPR construction and as such, it’s not entirely flat all the way to Newmachar. A temporary path has been added that re routes past the building site, which is passable, but it’s not as smooth as the original surface.

Newmachar is 4 or 5 miles away, depending where you come off, so a good destination for much needed refreshments? (The video shows the return journey from the 5 mile post at Newmachar)…

Or why not walk out to see the River Don flowing past and try and spot the swans and otters?

The path that veers off towards riverside drive (and under the main road) has just been refurbished and it will take you along the Don side and back to Dyce.

You could always try and find one of the many geocaches that are stashed along the way…?

Geochaching is a modern day treasure hunt. All over the world are secret little hidden boxes for you to find…. Each one will contain something that you can either keep or use or simply put back for the next treasure hunter.

If you want to collect the items that you find, then take along small items to replace with the ones that you find in the cache box. The website or App will give a description of the size of item, and map coordinates which you can orientate to.

If you have the app on a smartphone, you can use this to find the hidden cache, and it also gives hints if you get stuck!

You can also create your own new cache.

Orienteer to to find out more.