The ‘lost’ black cat is claimed – Twice… The Cat’s Tale

By Joanne Warnock

Anyone that has ever owned a cat will know that they are notoriously independent creatures.

In-fact, owned, is probably not the correct terminology to use – lets just say that you may have lived alongside a cat.

The photo posted of the cat found in Linden Weymss’ shed

A black and white cat was recently found sheltering in a shed near the Parkhill Crossroads, it’s photo was posted on our Lost and Found page and an owner came forward to claim the cat.

All’s well that ends well you could say…Until a SECOND owner also came forward to claim – the SAME cat.

Owner #1 contacted the number on the advert and explained she had paid to have the cat neutered and micro-chipped, and so, she had claimed ownership of the cat – named Domino.

Finder, Linden Weymss let owner #1 take the cat home, given that she had such good credentials and also being unaware that another owner had come forward.

Linden Weymss said: “I had no reason to suspect the cat was not theirs as they were happily reunited.”

The photo of Black Cat sent in by Debbie Humble

Owner #2, Debbie Humble, had meanwhile sent in a photo of an identical looking black and white cat to Dyce News –

“We unimaginatively call him Black Cat and we call his sister Brown Cat.”

The following day after Domino had been sent home with owner #1, he returned to the Wemyss’ Parkhill shed:

“He’s done a runner back to us. Must prefer the woodshed. He came straight back to it.”

Debbie wanted to check if it really was her cat and asked her mum to go and identify him after getting in contact with the Weymss’.

Linden Weymss confirmed: “They collected “Black Cat” tonight saying it was definitely theirs. They have his sister!”

Talking today Debbie Humbie said: “He’s been going round about four different houses, getting fed and sleeping there.

“Now we know what he gets up to when he goes off for two or three days.”

When asked if owner #1 was happy with the situation, Ms Humbie said: “We’ve spoken to her and she’s happy. She’s did have him micro-chipped and I’ve asked if she wanted any money or anything for it, buts she says it’s OK.

“As long as he still goes up there to catch mice, she says it’s alright!”

“He’s been covering a lot of ground. Sometimes he comes home and he’s absolutely mingin!

“At least we know now where he’s been going, but he’s been getting fed at other houses too.

“We’ve identified four different places that feed him now.”

“We need him back here though to look after his sister.

“We got them both as kittens, she was the runt of the litter and she won’t leave the house without him.”

Sister and brother reunited

Owner #1 does not wished to be named.