White Feathers in the Breeze


 A work camp was established in the village of Dyce, to house conscientious objectors.

The Camp was only open for two months, but it remains a controversial element of the war effort.

As part of Aberdeen’s Festival of Politics a play will be performed which centres around the opinions of the time with regard to the camp.

The first performance will, fittingly, take place in Dyce, and the play will be performed in a number of community settings before arriving at the Arts Centre.

“I hope people will take the opportunity to go along and watch the performance, and find out a bit more about a piece of war history that occurred on our very doorstep.” Mark MacDonald MSP.

Quids In Theatre Company are performing their new work about it at Dyce Church on Tues 22nd March at 7.30pm.

Imprisoned for his beliefs in 1916, Archie Johnstone finds himself questioning everything he holds dear but a chance meeting with local widow, Jean Burnett might just change everything he has ever known.